Dear colleagues;


The Association of Social Workers and departments of social work in Turkish universities have been co-organizing the Social Work Symposia since 1995. In 2017, the event was renamed as the Social Work Congress.

This year’s congress, entitled “Social Work Congress 2018: Refugees and Social Work” will be held in Istanbul on May 11 and 12 at İstanbul Aydın University’s Florya Halit Aydın Campus. The congress is open to international participation.

The number of people forced to leave their countries have significantly increased in recent years as a result of wars, violence and discrimination. Turkey has been affected by this since it is located in a geographical transit zone. Refugees are faced with many problems and difficulties during flight and in the destination countries. The main theme of the 2018 Social Work Congress stems from the need for developing an interdisciplinary approach and cooperation regarding refugees’ problems and difficulties. We hope to have a discussion at the congress about what has so far been done and what can be done in terms of social work practices, scientific research and the profession of social work regarding refugees.

The goal of the congress is to bring together academicians, researchers, social workers, students and anyone who cares about this subject to share knowledge, discuss and suggest solutions about the situation of refugees.

Dear academicians, researchers, social workers, students and social workers,

İstanbul Aydın University’s Department of Social Work in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Association of Social Workers are proud to invite you to the “Social Work Congress 2018.”



Prof. Dr. Uğur Tekin

Chair, Department of Social Work,

Faculty of Health Sciences,

İstanbul Aydın University


Rahmiye Bozkurt

General Director,

Association of Social Workers